Cessation of Silence
Published 07 January, 2017 by JT

Cessation of Silence

Hallo and Happy New Year
This next few weeks I'll curating an event with sound works for the Islington South Women's Forum.

The event is called Cessation of Silence, it is in March to celebrate International Women's Day.Our focus is Domestic Violence and we asking for people to send in works in.We will be having invited speakers.
I hope this event will draw together some really special music, discussions and artworks which explore and express feelings and experiences that people may have.

Cessation of Silence

Cessation of Silence – Call for Work

International Women’s Day 11th of March 2017

Islington South Women’s Forum

Deadline 1st Feb

Contact :

We are a Women’s group based in Islington with over a 1,000 members and to
celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) we are holding an event with invited
speakers and music to raise Awareness of Violence towards Women and Girls.
We are looking for audio works, audio visual work , poems or performance
practice that explore the subject of domestic violence.
If you are a survivor or have experience of the subject or do research in that
area and feel that you have work you would like to share that expresses your experiences please send it in.

We can not offer fees, however we can offer a comfortable venue, food and
assistance with travel if you are London based. More importantly, we offer an open-minded supportive audience and a way for voices to be heard

Our group welcomes women and men to the event.

Curator: Sound Artist Jo Thomas

Venue: Lift, Islington, London

Time 10- 12pm

Date: 11th of March

Please send up to two 3 minute examples of your works digitally to

Deadline 1st Feb .

Thank you

Your works will be listened to and viewed with respect at all times.

Noel 2016
Published 19 December, 2016 by JT

Noel 2016


I’ve had a really interesting year with lots of new opportunities, met old and new friends and turned different corners which have provided the most amazing insights and spaces.

This year I think has been about change, I have decided to go freelance which is good,just to focus on my music and everything that comes from it, everything means everything.

I have had some really special experiences this year some incredibly close to home in North London and some many miles away abroad in Norway,Switzerland Germany and France. I’ve worked with with some really amazing people this year some very incredible projects such as the Pathways Project wth Sound and Music and Tom Richards Mini Oramics machine, Radio 4 world at 1 and Florence Peake.

My absolute favourite number 1 is Milk the Instrument that Jack Jelfs and my self designed. I love the fact that I can play an instrument that is unique and full of innovation and magic !!!

Have a great christmas,

Thank you for 2016 and bring on 2017


Published 21 September, 2016 by JT


Hallo ,
I was really privileged to be working in bern at the weekend where I was invited to perform with the artist's UVM exhibition in Solothurn Bern.

The event went well and I was very grateful to the support provided by the Gallery.

Over the summer I was working with the artist Jack Jelfs to commission a new instrument that would be really fluid in performance with electronic sound , distance sensitivity and vocal text. We worked together to design ' MILK' The instrument was really lovely to work with and in combination with my electronic samples was great.

Soil Flow
Published 12 September, 2016 by JT

Soil Flow

I have just written a new sound instillation.It is called Soil Flow. The work comprises of six sound miniatures. I was asked to write work based around the photos and sculptures of Ursle Von Marsle. Her work was extremely emotional and very detailed.
This exhibition is based on the connections between technology,nature and humans. Ursle Von Marsle sculptures were derived from tiny micro details of plastic and wood. Her photo's were stark images of humans or parts of bodies against images of nature. As a composer the material was rich to work with.

This is one of the most interesting and fascinating commissions I have ever worked on. I had never met Ursle before. she heard speak about my music on swiss radio . From that interview I was contacted and commissioned. we had several Skype interviews and finally met in September.

I did a live performance of the 6 miniatures which lasted around 35-40 minutes to open the exhibition.The sound was all combined together to make an electronic state of flux.I performed with combining the new instrument MILK as a performance tool with the electro acoustic material.

The titles of the works are as follows

1. my heart,it weighs a kilo

2. cave

3. soil crown

4. violence and love

5. you have atoms for eyes

6. debts dissolve in the ground

The work was commissioned by the Swiss Artist Ursle Von Marsle.The photo above is from her new exhibition.


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