a richly detailed sound world in which the listener can explore without feeling the overbearing structure of impressions or interpretation. Liberating her music and her listeners from the delimiting realm of the recognizable, both the vaporous spaces of Zero and the more ferrible clicks and pops of Charged have a distinct self-sufficiency.... accidental alchemy producing unique bursts and flickers of timbre.
Review of Nature of Habit The Wire Sam Davies

Jo Thomas is a London based electronic music composer. Her electronic music captures a combination of raw and sensitive sonic matter. Her work stems from her own voice, electronically generated signals and often new and innovate electronic instruments, her latest addition is a 10 string chapmen stick. She writes impactful soulful electronic work, full of detail and nuances.
Over the last 8 years, she has released 7 notable albums. As a performing electronic artist has performed alongside a number of notable artists including Max de Wardener, Maria Chavez, Laurence Osborn, Josephine Stephenson,Will Dutta, Lee Gamble, Phil Niblock, Charles Hayward, and Squarepusher. Her work has been performed in venues local to North London and worldwide including Tate Modern, Cafe Oto, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Trafalgar Square, London. Salon De Messian and Radio France Paris, Prix Ars Electronica, Kings Place London, New Federation Square Melbourne. Recently she worked with non-classical on a drum machine concerto which was performed in Village Underground.
Throughout her music live she has received international awards and nominations. In 2012 she won the Golden Nica from Prix Ars Electronica. Recently she was part of an award-winning film and documentary ( Little Tsunamis. She often collaborates with other artists to make new explorative work. She runs her own label and is an innovative thinker and entrepreneur.
Her work has been commissioned in the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, France also having performances in the USA, Canada, Japan Australia, and Eastern Europe. Her musical background is a fusion of electroacoustic music experimental jazz, classical music sound art, and pop. Jo Thomas has a Ph.D. in electroacoustic composition from City University (2005) She has been commissioned in studios internationally such as INA GRM Paris, the Djerassi studios, San Francisco and EMS Stockholm. Her work has been performed in Festivals such as the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Prix Ars Electronica, Elita Festival Milan, Norbert Festival, Radio France, Tempo Reale Italy, Tempora Festival Bulgaria.
Jo Thomas sits on the board of Sound and Music. She is a Director on the board of Directors at BASCA.

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