a richly detailed sound world in which the listener can explore without feeling the overbearing structure of impressions or interpretation. Liberating her music and her listeners from the delimiting realm of the recognizable, both the vaporous spaces of Zero and the more ferrible clicks and pops of Charged have a distinct self-sufficiency.... accidental alchemy producing unique bursts and flickers of timbre.
Review of Nature of Habit The Wire Sam Davies

Jo Thomas is a London based electronic music composer. Her electronic music captures a combination of raw and sensitive sonic matter. Most of her music stems from her own voice recorded manipulated in to spacial forms small and large scale.
In 2012 she won the Golden Nica from Prix Ars Electronica for Digital Musics and Sound Art.
Jo has worked with orchestra,film,documentary,instillation,theatre,dance, she has toured her work, written for spaces internationally and in the UK. She has published her music with Naxos, NMC, Entracte, Holiday Records, Tape Worm and she publishes her own music under the label name Soft Apple.
Jo Thomas sits as Vice Chair on the board of Sound and Music. She is a Director on the board of Directors at BASCA.

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