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Active Crossover Release
Published 2 March 2012 by JT

I am very happy to say that the work the performance I did with Martin Clarke Active Cross over last September is now available on release by Cronica. Information below
We are Track 17. Its lovely to receive and shows such dedication by Simon Whetham.
Thank you Simon

Crónica is very happy to present the new release in the Unlimited Series of editions, “Crossovers”, a compilation documenting a series of encounters that happened in 2011 during the “Active Crossover” project.

“Active Crossover” is a project initiated by Simon Whetham during a residency at the Polymer Factory Culturehouse, Tallinn, Estonia in 2009. During the residency he met and worked with many artists who were all working with sound and music in different and interesting ways, prompting him to exhibit the work he composed alongside work created by those he met and worked with throughout his time in Estonia and Latvia.

Performing at events a number of times during the residency became an integral part of the project, so when Whetham came to exhibit the works in the UK, each exhibition began and ended with a live performance event, drawing on a pool of diverse local artists and musicians. The format for each performance was that artists were organised into pairs, with one artist beginning to play solo, would then be joined by the second for a short collaborative crossover section, and then the first would end their performance, leaving the second to play their own solo piece.

Gathered on this compilation are a number of the crossover sections, where artists who had not met or collaborated before are captured performing together for the first time.

The project was supported financially by the Arts Council England, I Love West Leeds Festival and PRS for Music Foundation. Thanks go to those organisations, plus all at South Hill Park, Bracknell; Wolstenholme Creative Space, Liverpool; Millspace, Armley; Soundfjord, London; Vicki Laurie and family; Nina and Camlo Edge; Hannah Kemp and all of the artists who got involved, both included here and not…

We do because we love
Published 6 March 2012 by JT

5th of March Boat-ing , Thames Pier

Adam de La CourGuitar, Vocals
Federico ReubenElectronics
Ian SmithTrumpet
Kay GrantVoice
Alison BluntViolin
Olie BriceDouble Bass
Mark HanslipSax
David Lee MorganPoetry

Lovely eve
thank you


Published 7 March 2012 by JT

Thank you to Mr Graham Dunning to posting some of my music on mixcloud today for his show on NTS Radio , Fractal Meat on Spongy Bone.Tracks below on Mix cloud Tracks 16,17,18 19 .
Have been working on sound all week, my speakers are warm and my desk is quiet.
A new CD coming out with Entr'acte very soon and I have been putting together a mix of Fissure which I performed at the MK Gallery in February.
I will bid you a good night and leave you with a picture of a beautiful goddess
found on Liverpool rd. Needs no introduction.


Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone 01: 2nd December 2011 by Graham Dunning on Mixcloud

Published 11 March 2012 by JT

Turbine Hall , Tacita Dean 2012

City of Paradox
Published 12 March 2012 by JT

Hallo ,

I am doing a sound walk at the City of Paradox conference held at the University of East London in April.
The sound walk was written in 2008 Ports of Call and was funded by National Heritage, the Royal Docks Trust and the University of East London. For this sound walk I worked with the voices of Dockers who worked in the Royal Docks and people who lived in the area of Silvertown East London. Most of the recordings of the Dockers are from archives in the Museum of London.
The walk will take place in the eve of the 2nd of April in the Docklands
(Excel centre) Those who want to join my please contact or I will bring CD players and Audio please confirm attendance.
The Director of the Project was Toby Butler who runs the
MA Heritage Studies: Place, Memory and History
I hope it is nice eve ...

City of Paradox Websites

Ports of Call Website , West Silvertown Walk
Photo Brenda, The Asta Trail Silver Town 2008
Photo by Toby Butler

Published 14 March 2012 by JT

My beautiful record has a new cover ...
I couldn't resist showing you ,as I am so very proud...
Please Buy ...

She has flown since her release and had reviews ,a qwartz nomination , radio and concert performances all over the UK and Europe.Thank you to Allon Kay for conceiving the record at Entr'acte and all that have worked with me on Alpha's release.
My next release with Entr'acte is coming this April. So will be more very soon.
Looking very much forward.

Published 20 March 2012 by JT

Something special I just found on my street ,
so , it's posted up , I think it will be a good one,
John Wall CD 139 Launch
John Wall/Mark Durgan
John Wall E139 and Ley launch and live sets
Plus Jacques Beloeil, Dale Cornish,
Gary Kempston and Clive Graham
and Armand de la Torre (DJs)


Published 24 March 2012 by JT

I am performing at the solo's concert in Goldsmiths on the 19th of May 2012. Please come along if you are free. Info below .
Thank you,

Goldsmiths Collage
New Cross
19th of May 2012

the fourth solos concert will take place on saturday 19th may 2012 in the small cinema at goldsmiths college in new cross

and will feature solo sets from:

marjolaine charbin (piano)

dimitra lazaridou-chatzigoga (zither)

jo thomas (laptop)

finding the venue:

the cinema is located inside the main richard hoggart building. enter through the main doors from the car park and turn left, following the corridor round the corner to the right and take a right turn after passsing the café (there will be posters pointing you in the right direction).

Hope you can attend

wireless imagination
Published 30 March 2012 by JT

I have an article about my work and forth coming CD nature of habit , (entr'acte) in the Wire Music Magazine next month by the music writer Sam Davies.
Excited ,

for bookings and info please email
Live 2019
Talk at LCC
EMS 40th year Celebration
Victorian and Albert Museum
Late nights
Cafe OTO
Review from Nature Journal
Soft Apple Bandcamp
Natures Numbers
Latest Single Release
Cellophane resonance
iTunes link
Mermaids Vinyl available for release from Holidays Records.
Mermaids Vinyl available for sale Boomkat
Nature of Habit CD available for purchase at
Nature of Habit CD available for Purchase at Boomkat
Alpha E82 Vinyl available for purchase at Entr'acte
Soul Vibration / Joachim Norwdwall Jo Thomas Remix 2013
Jo Thomas Entr'acte Mix June 2013
Jo Thomas New Scientist Crystal Prix Ars Electronica 2012
Jo Thomas awarded Golden Nica from Prix Ars Electronica 2012'
Mermaids Fact Mag Best of 2013 Nick Bullen


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