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Soul Vibration
Published 12 June 2013 by JT

I've just a remix of Soul Vibration , by Joachim Nordwell ,fantastic album , tracks are out on en'tracte this month.
It was great to work with and I really liked his music so I hope you enjoy the remix. Life is good , been working hard and lots of sound .
Some new things in the pipe line and some new work to do this summer and will be performing at the end of June in London with Mermaids , so I hope to see some friendly faces and new ones to ,
Good Sounds to all ,
Joachim Nordwall--Soul Vibration (Jo Thomas remix) by Entr’acte

Published 16 June 2013 by JT

I have an event on the 28th of June at the King and Queen Pub in Central London , nice place and good for very nice eve out .
Link and event details

1 Foley Street

Come along and say hi, it would be nice to see you ,
I'll be doing some work from my new album Mermaids out on Holidays Records this month.
Am working some new work and new releases just now .. just had a break from some nice bass,
Hope to see you soon ,
good sound ,

Published 27 June 2013 by JT

Hallo ,
I've had an amazing week.
Today was great day as a gave a talk to a really nice group of talented students in IMW studio's in Islington just off Goswell rd.
Tomorrow night (28th ) I am playing at Scale Down in Central London.
Link and event details

1 Foley Street

I will have some copies of my new vinyl Mermaids . So come and get one from me. It is beautiful.
At the moment am listening to a great podcast from NTS Radio and Bream Choir is played in there at 1h.39 mins. The whole podcast is great , well worth a listen .
Lots of new work , new idea's and new thoughts , I love the summer and will have some more to tell next week.
Rewired NTS Radio Daisy Hyde Shane Woolman 06 - 06 - 18 00 00 1 by Jo Thomas


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