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Words and Waves
Published 17 January 2018 by JT

Hallo, Dan Burrow wrote a lovely review of Random Feathers in the Wire Music Magazine in the February Edition ,thank you Dan. I have a sound walk this Saturday starting from Highbury and Islington and ending at Finsbury Park, please book if you fancy it. There are a couple of places left. I have a gig in Brighton on the 1st of February,really looking forward to it with the Spirit of Gravity. Also Earth Moon and Stars is being played in Bangor North Wales in of February 3rd in the Bangor New Music Festival. Enjoy the rest of the week and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, is lovely here, really special. Jo

Astronomical Twilight
Published 21 January 2018 by JT

So ,
Very exciting week this week, I'm finishing a project I'm working in east london and getting ready for my performances that are coming up in the next two months.

I decided to plan an astronomical twilight walk to St Pauls / Millennium bridge from Highbury,we were speaking about doing a night walk on Saturday and this seems option to lead on to that. I like the sound in the mornings, its compliantly different , it don't think its quite , but the city is bubbling with fresh energy.A dawn walk.

Events coming up

This Saturday morning walk to high gate cemetery .

1st of February Live Electronic Set

3rd of February "Earth Moon and Stars" Acoustmatic work

Physical Vinyl
Published 24 January 2018 by JT

I'm releasing Random Feathers on Vinyl 12inch . It will be my first physical release for soft apple my label.
Very excited,
Will keep you all posted, May release.

for bookings and info please email
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iTunes link
Mermaids Vinyl available for release from Holidays Records.
Mermaids Vinyl available for sale Boomkat
Nature of Habit CD available for purchase at
Nature of Habit CD available for Purchase at Boomkat
Alpha E82 Vinyl available for purchase at Entr'acte
Soul Vibration / Joachim Norwdwall Jo Thomas Remix 2013
Jo Thomas Entr'acte Mix June 2013
Jo Thomas New Scientist Crystal Prix Ars Electronica 2012
Jo Thomas awarded Golden Nica from Prix Ars Electronica 2012'
Mermaids Fact Mag Best of 2013 Nick Bullen


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